ASFB Video Competition in Science Communication 2020

Stage: Submissions Open

1.  Entrants must be an ASFB member to be eligible for the competition (register here:

2.  There will be three categories: (1) Honours/Masters Student, (2) Masters/PhD, and (3) Early Career Researcher (less than 5 years since conferral of last degree).

3.  Entry will be in the format of a short video presentation (3 min maximum video or audio slides).

4. Each video should promote the entrant's research project and should include: need for/novelty of the research, a summary of the methods, key findings, and their implications. Effectively, a ‘commercial’ for their research.

5. The entrants will upload their video by clicking 'apply' on the competition page:

6.  All entrants should provide an acknowledgement that the video is part of the ASFB Video Competition in Science Communication competition of that year.

7.  Deadline for submission of videos will be September 29, 2020.

8.  Online voting will consist of voting through Thinkable competition page, and should be based on: Significance and novelty of the research, Aesthetic appeal of the production, Communication of the research content.

9.  Online voting period close on October 13 (the start of the virtual conference).

10. Winners will be announced at the Annual ASFB AGM after the conference.

11. Videos from all entrants will be advertised through the 2020 Virtual Conference for Member's choice voting.

12. The Student and ECR winners will each receive $2000 that must be used for attending the 2021 World Fisheries Congress conference (including towards registration, flights, accommodation, transfers, meals).

 Funding Available



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